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e Grove Mall’s – 67 Minutes for Charity
June 2, 2015

On Friday, 18 July 2014, The Grove Mall in the east of Pretoria hosted a 67 minutes for charity campaign in conjunction with local radio station – GROOTfm – to celebrate the birth day of late  Nelson Mandela.

The campaign concept was to create a platform for our shoppers, local business and celebrities to donate their time and money towards the Jumping Kids foundation. Jumping Kids is a foundation that assist young children with prosthetics enabling them to live their life’s to the fullest.  

Local businesses’ were invited to enter a team of 5 at a total of R 6, 700.00 per team. The team visited The Grove Mall on the day and participated in an obstacle course encompassing rowing, spinning, body weight exercise, rope jumps and steps - spending 13 minutes at each activity. The winning team then had the opportunity to choose a representative of their team to partake in a 2 minute push-up round (doing as mush push-ups as possible) completing the 67 minute course.

A target of R 67, 000.00 was set for the day and to date and counting; The Grove Mall managed to raise R 91, 700.00 in donations, to create a vast amount of exposure of Jumping Kids and welcomed celebrities to the like of Breyton Paulse, Dewald Wasserfal, Willem Botha to the Mall.

The following clip was aired on KYKnet’s ENUUS on the night of 18 July 2014.

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